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In a world where glitter and glam is imposed on the masses liberally and frequently, it’s comforting to have some semblance of “real” to cut through all the capricious noise.

New Hampshire native, Joe Young is that element of real.  He is the guide – lending all those who take the care to listen – to legitimate six-string, word-spun accord. Honey, he’s got so much love to give. Honey, he’s got so much life to live.

Putting pen to paper yields stories of travel, love, and relationships. Thoughts of grandeur steeped astutely in a cadence of world wearied, and hard earned life experiences. The words that exude from Young’s cavernous cranium, bleed with serene honesty, and implied truth. Asking the right questions, and offering the best answers he knows how to deliver with no eye on any sort of prize. Instead, he’s sharing stories that relate to humanity. A humanity that will only benefit from the words he spins.

With a voice and delivery that loosely resembles Ryan Adams, Joe Purdy, Ray LaMontagne, and Sean Hayes, Young has carved a niche for himself in the ears and hearts of listeners everywhere.  From standard pop-folk, to soul searching ballads, and a smattering of inquisitive rambling Americana, Young plays music that takes you on a journey. The destination of which is of no real importance, so long as you’ve got your ears and mind open, and are ready to follow him on down the road to aesthetic aural pleasantry.

Since his first experience plucking notes on his acoustic guitar at age 14 to present day, Young has taken a progressive approach to crafting genuine full-bodied tunes that get better and better by the day. Sure he cites Bob Dylan, and Johnny Cash as influences. Sure he’s bound to be compared to a number of musicians from yesteryear and present day. This is all fine and well. If you’re really listening; if you’re really paying attention, what you’ll hear is Joe Young. And Joe Young hopes your pleased with just that.

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